A brand new Blue Morpho Butterfly is born at the Rescue Center, but just as he comes out of his cocoon, Baby Jaguar roars excitedly and scares him away. With the help of Click, Diego,Blue & Sprinkles find Blue Morpho hiding inside a very cold cave -- but butterflies get sick in the cold and can't fly! Diego Turns Rescue pack Into A Head Light & Blue & Sprinkles Check Rescue Pup Pack & Little Rescue pup Pack For Animal Finding Goggles. Then, They rescue Blue Morpho from the cave, then finds some delicious 'rotten' fruit for him to eat. Now it's time to head back to the rainforest, and on their way, we help Blue Morpho 'scare' away a Jay Bird by opening and closing his wings, then sing 'vuela' to help Blue Morpho fly. Diego, Blue, Sprinkles and Blue Morpho get back to the rainforest where there's a happy reunion with Baby Jaguar, who becomes fast friends with the butterfly.