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Alicia Márquez is the deuteragonist of the series and is Diego's and Pablo's older sister. She loves to help animals as much as her brother, Diego and Pablo does. She would sometimes join Diego and Pablo on his rescue missions out in the field.


Alicia is Diego's and Pablo's slightly tomboyish yet cute and very beautiful 11-year-old sister and resident computer whiz. She adores her little brother and is amazed at his natural gift for communicating and bonding with animals. Despite her cuteness and beauty, Alicia is also protective of Diego and Pablo and warns him of approaching dangers via his video watch from her monitoring position at the Rescue Center. She can also find any information and facts on animals on the Rescue Computer to help Diego and Pablo start his mission.


Alicia appears to have a peach-brown skin color. Her hair being shoulder length. From Season 1-3 for Go, Diego, Go!, she appears to be wearing a red shirt, light green shorts, a tan vest, a red and yellow bracelet, yellow socks, and light gray and white shoes. Her ears are pierced with blue pearls and sometimes wears a rescue pack like Diego and Pablo. It is unknown whether or whether not it talks like Diego's and Pablo's own. In Season 4 for Go, Diego, Go!, Alicia changes her garments to a blue short-sleeve hoodie with a light blue undershirt, a blue bracelet, khaki cargo shorts, white socks, and blue shoes.


Alicia is Diego's and Pablo's Daisy's sister, Nico, and Sabrina are her parents. Her cousins are Dora, Guillermo, and Isabella. Her aunt and uncle is Elena and Muigel Marquez.

Voice Actresses

Through Season 1-3, Alicia is voiced by Constanza Sperakis. Through Season 4-5, she is voiced by Gabriela Aisenberg.


  • Alicia is the middle child of the family. She comes between Daisy and Pablo and Diego.
  • She has a Rescue Rope on her left arm to help her swing to the rescue.
  • Alicia uses the Rescue Computer in the Science Deck to help Diego and Pablo on his missions.
  • She has a minor appearance on Dora the Explorer. But she has appeared in almost every episode in the series.


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