Uh, oh! There's a rockslide in the desert! Diego's moving the deer away from the rockslide and Alicia needs to make sure that no deer get left behind. Alicia uses Click and finds a baby deer stuck in some bushes and the rockslide is headed her way. We've got to save her! Alicia and her friend Whitetail the deer head out to rescue the baby deer. Along the way, we help Whitetail us his new antlers to "pop" the Bobos' Giant Bubbles. Next, we play the "Freeze" game to hide from the coyotes. Then, we help Whitetail "zigzag" down the mountain and dig the baby out of the bushes. ¡Al rescate, amigos!


  • This marks the last episode when they are wearing their regular garments.
  • This is the only episode in the series where Diego plays a smaller role, only appearing around 17 minutes after the start of the episode.