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Baby Jaguar is a small jaguar cub who assists Diego on adventures. Sharkey Thomas Sharkeywho is the voice of Baby Jaguar, is also the singing voice of the kangaroo "Austin" in the Backyardigans. and also the 3rd voice of "Shovel" from Blue's Clues. Baby Jaguar also appears in Dora the Explorer but inconsistently; on Go, Diego, Go! he takes a more active role, which includes being able to speak. He also lives with his mother.

List of Appearences of Baby Jaguar

The Rescue of the Red Eye Tree Frogs

A Blue Morpho Butterfly is Born

All Aboard the [[Diego and Dora to the Resuce|
Arigold-gdgo.avi 005576400
]]Giant Panda Expressthumb|Diego and Dora to the ResuceGiant Panda Express

Cool Water for Ana the Anaconda (Cameo)

Cotton-Top Tamarin Cave Rescue

Diego's African Safari

Baby River Dolphin's Rescue Of Sister Jaguar!

Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue

Journey to Jaguar Mountain (Minor Role)

It's a Bug's World!

Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween

Leaping Lemurs

Welcome Home, Lion Cub

Chinstrap Penguin Express

The Great Polar Bear Rescue

The Great Jaguar Rescue!

Whistling Willie Finds a Friend

The Bobo's Mother's Day!

Baby Jaguar to the Rescue

Diego Saves The Sea Turtles

Diego the Hero

Diego Saves Baby Humpback Whale

Linda the Llama Saves Carnival

Diego's Ringed Seal Rescue

Where is Okapi's Brother

Diego and Dora to the Resuce

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