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Baby Jaguar is Diego's companion who travels by Diego's side and is the animal closest to Diego's heart. He is Diego's best friend in the rainforest. He uses his jaguar skills to join Diego on his rescue missions, but his physical abilities have not quite caught up to his youthful eagerness, so he sometimes finds himself in precarious situations. But underneath his inexpert physicality lies a strong adventurer with a cool head and a fierce roar!


Baby Jaguar is mostly tan, with brown patterned spots. His eyes are light brown, with black pupils, pink ears, and white eyebrows. His muzzle is white.


Baby Jaguar has appeared in almost every episode.

Voice Actors

Baby Jaguar is voiced by Thomas Sharkey in Season 1-3, and is voiced by Dylan Clark Marshall in Season 4-5. He is also voiced by Koda Gursoy on Dora the Explorer Season 8 and the spin-off series Dora and Friends: Into the City!. Gursoy also played the role of Boots the Monkey in Season 8 of Dora the Explorer and the spin-off series Dora and Friends.


  • Baby Jaguar did not talk in Dora the Explorer, but later on he talked in later seasons and for the entirety of Go, Diego, Go!
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