=== for boys Diego is in India helping animals after the big rainstorm, when he meets Benji, the Bengal Tiger. His mommy had told him that if he ever got lost, she would wait for him at the Wishing Tree - but he doesn't know how to get there! Diego can help! Together, we set out to the Wishing Tree and meet many animal friends who have wishes too! First, Diego and Benji use tiger claws to free a Baby Parrot's nest from some broken branches. Then, we "roar" really loudly like Bengal Tigers to scare a group of crocodiles away from a Momma Duck and her babies at the Fast River. And finally, we find Diego's friend Shanti, a tiger animal rescuer, on a mission to find a lost baby tiger inside the Tiger Temple. When Benji finds his mommy at the Wishing Tree, he gets to make a wish - "I wish, wish, wish that all of my friends' wishes come true," he says! Hurray! We get to make a wish too. "What's your wish, wish, wish???" ===


Diego Marquez



Benji's Mother

Baby Parrots

Mommy Duck



striped hyena

orange and black snake

striped squirrel

little tiger

Wishing tree