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The Bobo Brothers are the main antagonists of the series and always try to cause trouble in almost every episode. When they are nearby, Diego can hear their silly call, "Bobos! Bobos!" They always love to have a good time, even though their playful ways sometimes makes a mess for Diego to complete his mission. They are Go, Diego, Go!'s equivalent of Swiper. Their first appearance was on the episode "The Rescue of the Red Eyed Tree Frogs".

To stop the Bobos, Diego would tell them "Freeze, Bobos!" (Sometimes they would freeze in mid-air.) When they realize that they're doing something wrong, they always say, "Oops, sorry!"


The Bobo Brothers are a mischievous pair of spider monkeys whose cute and innocent faces belie their naughty intent. The Bobos love to get into trouble and cause confusion and mayhem throughout the forest. Though they don't mean to get into problems, they just get a little carried away while playing. They're always either setting traps, upsetting nests, breaking dams, or creating mudslides. To put a stop to the Bobos, Diego would have to say, "Freeze, Bobos!"


The Bobo Brothers are a pair of spider monkeys. They mostly have brown and buff fur, with black pupils.


  • The Bobo Brothers aren't always trouble makers. Sometimes, they do help, so they're not considered true villains.
  • The Bobo Brothers love to make music—especially on noisy instruments.
  • They are similar to Swiper, the main antagonist of Dora the Explorer with even having similar catchphrases. Whenever Dora stops Swiper, he says "Oh, maaan!". When Diego tells the Bobo Brothers to freeze, they always say "Oops! Sorry!"
  • The Bobo Brothers sometimes do need Diego's help when they themselves get into trouble just like how Swiper needs Dora's help sometimes.
  • Both of them look exactly the same because they are twins, and are always seen together.