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Click is an animal locator and a telescopic camera. She is a "flashy" friend at the Animal Rescue Center that can zoom through the rainforest to find the animal that's in trouble and and show Diego exactly why the animal needs to be rescued.


Aside from the black cartoon eye pupils and blue-grey eyebrows, Click is, plain and simply, a blue-grey camera with every other feature a camera would have, like a shutter and a viewfinder. Additionally, she has a dark screen located in her center which allows her to see any animal in trouble. She can also zoom out to show Diego the reason why the animal is trouble and how to get to the animal. She is usually seen standing on a tripod.


  • Most of Diego's rescue missions begin with Click zooming through the forest to find the animal in trouble.
  • Sometimes Click comes along with Diego on his rescue missions. She would go with Diego to take pictures for the Animal Photo Album.
  • Sound waves travel through Click's lens when she is finding the animal in trouble.
  • Her opening theme song is a short song. Similar to Backpack and Map songs in Dora the Explorer.
  • Out of all the characters, Click is the only one to maintain the same voice from the first season in 2005.