Daisy Márquez
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Gender Female
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Relatives Papi (Father)
Mami (Mother)
Alicia (Younger Sister)
Diego (Younger Brother)
Dora (Cousin)
Abuelito (Grandfather)
Abuelita (Paternal Grandmother)
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Daisy Márquez is Alicia and Diego's very beautiful big sister. She almost never appeared in the show. She appeared in "The Bobos' Mother's Day" with her little brother stating that she's home from college even though she's only fifteen (as she celebrated her fifteenth birthday previously in Dora The Explorer). She's possibly in college because she's a prodigy (of course it is possible she could be older in Go, Diego, Go!). Daisy is also seen in "Rainforest Rhapsody" in the audience while watching her sister's concert. Since Daisy hardly ever appears in the Go, Diego Go!, not much is known about her.

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