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Diego's International Rescue League is the double-length episode and the 13th episode of Go, Diego, Go! from season 4.

Characters present


Diego assembles an elite team of world rescuers who, together, try to earn their World Rescuer's patch! They head to Rescue Island where they must identify and return 5 eggs to their natural habitats before time runs out!


  • This is the only double-length episode where Alicia is absent.
  • Papi appears in this episode in brown shorts.
  • Papi himself is a trained world animal rescuer.
  • Second time Papi appears without his vest (third if you count his appearance in a flashback in Ocean Animal Rescuer). The first time was Diego Saves Baby Humpback Whale.


  • When Papi was telling the crowd that Diego has rescued lots of animals all over the world, we can see a scene from "Cotton-Top Tamarin Cave Rescue", but that episode hasn't even been aired until season 5, and this is a season 4 episode.