Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar are visiting the Ringed Seal Rescue Home in the Arctic. Baby Ringed Seals live in snow caves, but it's getting warmer there every year, so the caves are melting before the baby seals are ready to live in the Icy Coast by themselves! Diego finds a baby seal whose cave has just melted and a polar bear is heading her way! We've gotta rescue Susie the Ringed Seal and bring her to the Rescue Home before the polar bear sees her! Along the way, we teach Susie to swim super-fast by moving her flippers from side-to-side to get through some ice floes; we make whiskers with our hands to find shrimp on the ocean floor; and we show her how to pop in and out of ice holes as we race against the polar bear - all the way to the Ringed Seal Rescue Home!!!