Diego Reunites Hippo and Oxpecker


"Symbiotic! Symbiotic!" Sing Hippo and Oxpecker as Diego moves them from their dry river, to a new home at Hippo Lake! Hippo and Oxpecker are best buddies who help each other everyday. Oxpecker gets his food by eating bugs off Hippo's back and that keeps Hippo clean! And since Hippo didn't pack a snack for himself, Oxpecker flies back to their old river to find him some yummy water plants. But a pipe's pulling the water out of the river and it's taking Oxpecker, too! We've gotta save him! First, Hippo charges through the tall grass as our friend, the giraffe, shows us how to navigate around the hidden rocks. Then, we all "stomp" like Hippos through the tall grass blocking our path! And when we get to the river, we open our mouths really wide like Hippos to scare the crocodiles away from Oxpecker! Diego leaps into action, splashing across the water to rescue Oxpecker just in time!


  • This is the first episode in Season 4.
  • Same face Diego has used from The Great Polar Bear Rescue.
  • The theme song changed some of the pictures.
  • This is the 1st episode when Diego gets a new voice actor.
  • The voice of Click stays the same.
  • In the logo, there is no Nick Jr. logo.
  • In the theme song, they change the drumbeat.
  • This is the 57th episode for the series.