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Fiercest Animals is the last double-length episode of the series Go, Diego, Go!, as well as the series finale for this show. It premiered on September 16, 2011.



Diego takes Rosita and Martín into the Adventure Cave to tell them all about the five fiercest animals he ever rescued.


Diego gives a tour of his Rescue Center to his new young friends Rosita and Martín, when they hear a distress call from a mother duck, whose baby is missing and is discovered in the same pond as a crocodile. With typical ingenuity, Diego and Alicia save the frightened duckling with a lasso and return it to its concerned mother. Rosita and Martín are in awe of this rescue and demand that Diego tell them more about his encounters with his "fiercest" animals. In order to do so, they must enter Diego's Adventure Cave, which can only be opened with the secret password: Fierce Animals or Animales Feroces. Inside Diego shows his young friends videos of some of his greatest and most exciting adventures with wild animals. Diego recalls his encounters with gorillas, a blue-ringed octopus, grizzly bears, hippos, lions, elephants, and finally a whole that was so shiny. In each mini story, Diego, with help from Mami and Papi, sees how fierce animals protect their babies and helping them with situations (such as a gorilla getting caught in a trap, a blue-ringed octopus, which, whose home has destoyed by a giant boat or a boat that makes this sound: "Honk! Honk!", grizzly bears looking for their food, and a hippo getting stuck in quick sand after helping Diego and Papi get out).

Fierce Animal Rescues

  • In central Africa, Diego helps a gorilla get out of a trap and acts like a fierce gorilla to scare away elephants.
  • In the ocean in Australia, Diego and Alicia scare away sharks with Blue-Ringed Octopus and help rebuild his home.
  • In Alaska, Diego and Mami save a baby grizzly bear and help his family look for fish in the river after their long hibernation.
  • In the grasslands of Africa, Papi accidentally drives the rescue rover in quick sand and can't drive it out, leading Diego into asking a nearby hippo to charge at the rover and knock it out of the quick sand, which leaves a big dent in the rover. Then the two help get the hippo out of the quick sand and act like fierce hippos to scare away lions from the hippo's baby.


  • As the series finale of Go, Diego, Go!, this is the last episode for several things:
  • The final appearances of all characters featured in this episode (see the Characters section for the full list).
  • The final time Diego sings the Al Rescate, Amigos]" song.
  • The final appearance of the Go, Diego, Go! Theme Song
  • The final episode to use the 4:3 format.
  • The final episode to be released in the 2010s.
  • This episode premiered exactly 6 years after The Mommy Macaw premiered.
  • In Diego’s past rescues with the gorilla and the hippo, he is seen in his original outfit from Seasons 1-3