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Diego and Kicho are going to the Whirligig Beetle Dance Show. With the help of Kicho's magic flute, they shrink to bug size to enter the entrance to the secret river. But when they get there, Benito the Beetle tells Diego that his partner Betty hasn't gotten there. Something must be wrong! And if she doesn't get there, he won't get to dance in the show. With Click's help, Diego finds Betty and heads out to rescue her while Kicho stays behind to rehears the beetles with his Magic Flute. Betty hurt her wing and can't fly to the river so she and Diego must get there on foot. Along the way, they must get through "giant" animals that can't see them cause they're bug size! They must ask for help from the Spanish speaking leaves to protect them from "giant" raindrops. Betty then must use her "stinky smell" to get away from a frog and Baby Jaguar must step high to get them through a Muddy Road. Finally, Diego must climb up a spider web and cut through it so they can enter the entrance to the secret river. Diego gets Betty back in time for the show. Benito is so grateful! And Kicho plays his magic flute for all the beetles and to get him and Diego to their regular size!

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