The evil wizard Tranimal turns into a rat and steals Kicho’s magic flute. Diego and Kicho track down Tranimal and get back the flute. Tranimal just wanted the flute to make friends with the animals, so Diego and Kicho help Dranimal to make friends with the animals.


Tranimal turns into a crocodile with the kidnapped flute.


Diego and Kicho with the flute

Ice screenshot 20180310-151226

The flute on the Magical Missions DVD Cover

Ice screenshot 20180310-153230

Diego meets Kicho's talking flute

Ice screenshot 20180310-153339

The flute gasps when he hears Tranimal

Ice screenshot 20180310-153455

The flute's shocked behavior upon learning about tranimal shortly being kidnapped

Ice screenshot 20180310-153826

the flute after being rescued