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Linda is a Spanish-speaking llama who lives way up in the mountains. She can help Diego on some of his rescue missions that takes place up in the mountains with her powerful legs and her strong back. With her climbing ability, it makes her a real help at carrying things to the Carnaval, to a mountain-top library, or just about anywhere up in the mountains. When Diego needs a ride up or down a steep mountain, you bet he can count on Linda.


Linda the Llama made appearances in


Linda mostly has brown and light brown fur with brown eyes and black pupils.

Voice Actress

Linda is voiced by Laura Abreu through the whole series.


  • Linda is so strong and quick that she can run and carry Diego on her back.
  • Linda has helped Diego on some of his missions. She helped Diego to carry the party goodies up to the mountain, at the Carnaval in Linda the Llama Saves Carnival, she helped Diego in Linda the Librarian, when she helped Diego to carry the books to the mountain, and she he helped Diego in Diego Saves Christmas, by pulling Santa's sleigh out of the snow.
  • Linda is sometimes seen with a blanket, saddled over her back.
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