Diego's shirtless and non shirtless
for girls

Diego reads Manatee his favorite story. There was once a Mermaid City on the ocean floor. But one day, the ground started to shake so much that a mountain started to grow under the city -- lifting Mermaid City high above the ocean. All of the mermaids were trapped behind the stone wall that surrounded their city and they couldn't get back into the water! Oh, no! Mermaids need to swim in water! Diego heads out with his friend Manatee to rescue the mermaids. We help Manatee swim against the current by making 'manatee tails' with our hands and splash, splash, splashing our way to the River Water Slide. Weeee! Diego and Manatee go down and slide and make it to the ocean where we tumble, tumble, tumble, through the Tumbling Tubes. Then, we twist our way through the Sea Star Rocks as they cheer us on with their "Twist" song! We make it to the tall mountain and we pull, pull, pull, Mermaid City back into the water! We rescued the mermaids!!! Hurray in the end diego and alicia kiss to  merguys . and soon on tv 2 alicia as a mermaid