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Ever since Diego and Baby Humpback Whale saved him, Bottlenose has wanted to be an ocean animal rescuer just like them. It takes a lot of practice to be an ocean animal rescuer, but he can do it! Together with Diego, we sing, "Nada rápido!" to help Bottlenose swim really fast and rescue the baby sea turtles from a big wave. When the ocean gets really foggy, Bottlenose uses his special call to guide Diego through the fog. And when a boat spills some oil into the ocean, it's Baby Humpback who needs help - he's headed for the beach to warn the other animals. We've got to help Baby Humpback rescue the ocean animals before the oil gets too close! Diego and Bottlenose to the rescue! We jump and dive through the coral reef like dolphins to reach Baby Humpback, and splash like dolphins to keep the oil back until Alicia arrives with the oil vaccuum. Now Bottlenose is an ocean animal rescuer just like Diego and Baby Humpback. Yay!