A rainstorm has hit the rainforest, and lots of animals need help from Diego and his family. Diego's mom is helping an emerald tree boa that hurt its tummy. Alicia is taking care of the bump on Baby Spectacled Bear's nose. Diego's dad is helping a quetzal that hurt her wing flying in the windy storm, and he uses an aloe vera plant to take care of the cut on the wing. He and Diego hear a call for help from a pampas cat who's stuck in a thorny tree. Diego saves her, and she says that she had to find her pampas kittens. The kittens have taken a log ride on the river and they don't know they're headed for a waterfall! On the way to help the kittens, Diego and Pampas Cat scare away a fox by fluffing up and looking big. Then they crawl like pampas cats to get over shaky rocks. Diego helps Pampas Cat figure out what hole she fits in to avoid a skunk. Diego and Pampas Cat save her kittens from the waterfall and take them to the rescue center and help his family clean up the Rescue Center.


  • When Diego's father climbs up the ladder to fix the roof, his vest disappears. When the family has finished cleaning the Rescue Center, he's wearing his vest again.
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