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Rescue Pack a friend of Diego that has his back all the time and helps him on his rescue missions. He is a messenger bag that can transform into anything that Diego and Pablo needs. All Diego and Pablo has to say is "¡Actívate!", to make him jump to action. Just like Dora's backpack, Rescue Pack is a real-go-getter with a can-do-spirit. As he says in his signature song, "We can do it! Nothing to it!" From a parasail or a kayak, Rescue Pack will always have Diego's and Pablo's back and can always be counted on to help Diego and Pablo in any situation.


Rescue Pack is mostly orange with white eyes, black pupils, yellow eyebrows and also has a zipper and a strap on his back.


Rescue Pack made his first debut in Rescue of the Red-Eyed Tree Frogs. He also made a debut in Dora and Diego To The Rescue, but didn't talk.

Rescue Pack is voiced by


Keeler Sandhaus from Season 1-3. He Got Taken over by. Kyle Brenn as the voice actor of Rescue Pack in Go, Diego Go!


  • Rescue Pack doesn't carry much. That's because he can already transform into anything that Diego and Pablo needs to complete his mission.
  • His theme song is more like a Latin rap song unlike any other characters that have opening segments like Click, Backpack, and Map.
  • He made an appearance in the episode, Dora & Diego to the Rescue, but he didn't talk. Instead, Diego and Pablo told him to activate.
  • Rescue Pack can transform into many things. He can transform into a jet pack, a bike, a boat, a river raft, a jet ski, a hot-air balloon, a parasail, a kayak, a zip cord, or even a snowboard.