Diego's whole family  is at the beach cleaning up garbage so that their friend Tuga, the leatherback sea turtle can come back to lay her eggs! Mommy remembers meeting Tuga when she was just a little girl. Daddy & Alicia remember how Tuga helped them when their boat broke down. And Diego remembers riding on Tuga with and keeping away from the stinging jelly fish! As the family waits for Tuga, they hear her crying for help. It turns out that Tuga had gotten her flipper caught in a net. It's up to Diego to save her and bring her and her friends to the beach.


  • First time Diego's parents are seen wearing vests
  • First episode where Diego's mom is voiced by Karen June Sanchez
  • This episode reveals that Tuga's oldest friend is Diego's mom; Sra Marquez met Tuga when she was a little girl.