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Señor Márquez is the father of Diego Márquez, Alicia Márquez, Daisy Márquez, and Pablo Márquez. He is a main character of the series.


Señor Márquez owns and runs the Animal Rescue Center and model a love of nature for his children, Diego and Alicia and Pablo. The two also inherited their respect and love for animals and conservation from him. He is very close to his family and encourages Diego in a lot of rescues. In Diego's International Rescue League, it is revealed that he's a trained world animal rescuer. Señor Márquez has a lot of phrases that Diego tells the viewers such as: Ayuda todos los animales, Diego (You should help all the animals, Diego) Mi casa es su casa (My home is your home) Los animales pertenecen en su hogar natural (Animals from the wild belong in their homes in the wild) Los mejores amigos son los que se ayudan (Friends who help friends are the best friends of all)


He is voiced by Sebastian Arcelus and, in Ocean Animal Rescuer, Julian Rebolledo.