Shanti is a pretty Hindi animal rescuer from India,who rescues Bengal tigers. Her wish was to have a tiger reserve so that the Bengal tigers would always be safe,her friends Diego and Benji took her wish to the wishing tree,causing her wish to come true. At the end of the episode she went back to the Animal Rescue Center with him to review their knowledge of Bengal tigers, making Bengal tiger picture by solving the puzzle,then there was a picture of them helping build the tiger around the wishing tree.

APPEARANCE Shanti has peach-brown skin, chocolate brown eyes, black hair in a ponytail held by a light pink hair tie,with light blue pearl earring, wearing a purple T-shirt with a blue circle,yellow circle,bengal tiger patch on the upper right of her shirt,a light pink skirt held up by a white belt, with two pearl braclets on her right wrist, and two light blue braclets on her left wrist, with light pink, and purple sneakers.

She appeared in

Bengal Tiger Makes a Wish

Diego's International Rescue League

She's voiced by Rhea Yadav.

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