The Bobos's are on their way to the Spider Monkey Fiesta with their 3 new Baby Bobo Sisters! And as the Bobos search for fruit for the party, the restless Bobo Sisters speed off into the forest to look for fruit without them! Uh oh! We've gotta find the 3 Baby Bobo Sisters! We find the first Bobo Sister falling out of a Mango Tree! Diego catches her and together we jump like spider monkeys to gather mangoes for the fiesta. Then, we use our animal tracker to find the 2nd Bobo Sister at the Papaya Patch where a puma is heading for her! We shake the tree branches like spider monkeys to scare the puma away and find lots of papayas for the fiesta. Next, we use our Spotting Scope to find the 3rd Bobo Sister in the Big City. Whoa! She's headed toward a train full of bananas bound for the City! We've gotta rescue her! We hang-glide across the forest and rescue her just in time! Now we have all 3 Bobo Sisters and lots of fruit for the Spider Monkey Fiesta!