Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar travel to the African rainforest to visit the okapis. Okapis love two things: eating leaves and playing hide-and-seek! Okapi's brother tries to find a really great hiding spot but it's too far away and he gets lost! He needs our help! Diego and Okapi ride the Mobile Rescue Unit to find Okapi's brother. First, we use the Mobile Rescue Unit's super-crane to pull the zebra out of a sand pit. This animal has stripes like an okapi but it's not Okapi's brother! Then we use our Super-Lift to free a giraffe caught in the tall branches! This animal has a long neck like an okapi but it's not Okapi's brother either! But just then, we spot an animal with stripes, a super long tongue, and he looks just like Okapi - It's Okapi's brother! Great animal finding!