"A duck and a jaguar make really silly friends!" sing Willie the Whistling Duck and Baby Jaguar. Willie's never seen a jaguar before, and the two quickly become buddies. Just then, Willie's family calls for him to come home to his lake. But Willie doesn't want to go home and leave his new buddy, so Diego and Baby Jag take Willie home together so they can play along the way. On our journey, we play follow-the-leader and duck, hop, and swim like a whistling duck to get through the rainforest. Then we play an animal matching game by helping the mommy and baby animals find each other. When the Bobos accidentally scare Willie away, we follow the trail of duck feathers to find Willie. Finally, Rescue Pack turns into a hot air balloon for Diego and Baby Jag so they can fly with Willie to the top of the mountain to the whistling duck lake. Willie is so happy to have a new buddy - Baby Jaguar!